Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Evolution of Rook

Ha!! Thats all i got to say! I remember how bad ass I thought Rook looked when I first drew him. Thats horrible, He looks like a Nazi-Frankeinstein. I mean whats up with his pants, he's wearing parachute pants!!! Good stuff. The middle one I did in my flash class, that one was way better than my first version, but still lacking...a whole lot of shit.
Ah and the final version is by far my best one. Its true what they say, "artists improve with the passage of time." . if you dont believe this just look at the pic above.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Im Working here!!

I'm working here!! So heres what im working on, still work in progress and i plan to finish it by this week. I wish I had a robot me so i can work on my short full time and the robot work on my finals. it will all be over soon.

This is a sketch dump I did while meditating ( When i say meditate I actually mean sitting in the crapper) their for 2 scenes where you can see one in the top that im almost done with, and the other one is of Zero saving a kid from two hungry maggot monsters.

Asian_ Tony is a beast. I asked him to give me a few sketches and he came back with over 15 pages of designs...kind of reminds me of me. The top two in the top are part of the sea creatures mafia, and the colorful fellas are alien designs and color keys for them, and that Thai Hooker looking thing is the Zombie Tony.

This is Tony M's Zombie version. He's been slaving away with desigs too, which ill post up later.He really looks like that too.

AHh, yes almost forgot Nic Parris...J/k buddy, this guy here is one talented mofo, I really dig his style and his designs are to my likings, just check out his zombie version of himself. Nice! he's done an awesome job and ill post the rest of his stuff soon.

HEres a Zombie sketch of Emery. I redisgned her Zombie to match the rest of the charcters. Shes suppose to be a school girl... i think...or sailer moon i dont know.

thats it for now kiddos, gotta do some work so i wont fail.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Concept/Designs/Models/ and Finished works from the Crew

Hey everyone! got some good news, we started animating the zombie walks for one of the scenes. Everyone in the Monster Crew is doing a kickass job! so here you'll see some of their work they done for me, from concept, design and to finished works. Here they are in all their pre-production glory, hope you diggz! I'll introduce, aight!

Meet Rook! The Monster Basher!He's one of my main Characters in MPD, hes the first character that I created for my pitch. He's gone through many revisions over the years, and from all of them this is the best one. check out the sweet clean ups from Alexis!
Heres Captain Lola Chavez, she's been there since the begining as well! Shes in charge of MPD and does it with an iron fist when it comes to kicikng Monster butt. Cleaned up by the amzing Alexis (by the way Alexis is a guy, and hes Filipino.)

Meet the new guy in the MPD, His name is Zero, and has all the qualifications to take over Rooks job.IF he can do it. Hes one of my new designs, i had him floating around my head for a few months when I finally gave him a shot and from the looks of it, he came out pretty cherry. Again colors from Alexis Picar.

Ah! one of my Monster Goons! THis is the Creature from the black lagoon, and after many revisions this has to be the best one. Hes in the main bad guys crew,La Mano Peluda,which you will see later. Colors by princess Alexis.

Adnan is like a machine! Hes my prop guy, and hes done somepretty killer designs that im digging. he also did a zombie version of himself that looks sweet.

THis is Emery's designs for the short, here she did La Llorona whos from a famous Mexican Folk tale about a mother who drowned her children in a river and roams the night crying for her kids. and she also did the Chupacabras.

Heres Marcelino's Scarfish and Zombie Hellvis.Im really digging these two characters.

Tony's designs are pretty cherry, in the begining he was the only one that could match my style. Check out those designs! shazam

Sarah is my background artist! shes really good with color and design, check out those buildings and the detail on the doors. cant wait to post up more of her bgs.

Now for the 3d side of the short! Woot Woot

Joseph did a killer job with the MPD bike, even though he just roughed it out its looking pretty nice.ANd he did a bomb!

Roberts bombs are the Bomb! These are going to be use by the MPD Marines!


Other than desinging, Emery is also working hard and fast on the Rook sculpture. looking good!

Alright hope you all digg it, their is still more to come!

Monday, October 22, 2007

It Begins!!!!

Well where to begin? Without giving too much info away this is the first Post for my short I'm working on at school,Im the Director, story artist, character and background desinger and ill be animating aswell and I'm lucky to say i have a really talented crew on my side that are helping me with concept, charcter and bg design, animation, maquettes and tons of awesome stuff, i wouldnt be able to do by myself in this short time.

The short is called Monster P.D. and I'm real excited to finally be working on it. I created the short back in late 05 in my background and layout class, being a huge fan of black and white movies, (American, Mexican and French) , 1920's-1950's, robots, monsters, and the golden age of animation, everyone form Walter Lantz to Bob Clampett, to those working now. Two years later, and months shy of graduation I'm going to push this short, its going to be a lot of hard work but its going to be fun. Hope you enjoy these post and ill try to keep you guys updated with whatever my crew and I cook up.

this is the opening shot story boards that i did. hope ya'll digz?

Stay tune more to come!!!
Feel free to leave me any comments you have, im not a professional, (not yet) but I still have a lot to learn.

Your friendly pal

Miguel Puga