Monday, October 22, 2007

It Begins!!!!

Well where to begin? Without giving too much info away this is the first Post for my short I'm working on at school,Im the Director, story artist, character and background desinger and ill be animating aswell and I'm lucky to say i have a really talented crew on my side that are helping me with concept, charcter and bg design, animation, maquettes and tons of awesome stuff, i wouldnt be able to do by myself in this short time.

The short is called Monster P.D. and I'm real excited to finally be working on it. I created the short back in late 05 in my background and layout class, being a huge fan of black and white movies, (American, Mexican and French) , 1920's-1950's, robots, monsters, and the golden age of animation, everyone form Walter Lantz to Bob Clampett, to those working now. Two years later, and months shy of graduation I'm going to push this short, its going to be a lot of hard work but its going to be fun. Hope you enjoy these post and ill try to keep you guys updated with whatever my crew and I cook up.

this is the opening shot story boards that i did. hope ya'll digz?

Stay tune more to come!!!
Feel free to leave me any comments you have, im not a professional, (not yet) but I still have a lot to learn.

Your friendly pal

Miguel Puga


marcelino said...

yo, y'all check it out!
SCARFISH is here!
think I'm givin' away too much?
lemme know.

hmm, as for the boards, sweet stuff.
keep on pimpin'.


bboyanime said...

this is all crud you here! haha! just playing... :D