Monday, December 10, 2007

Im Working here!!

I'm working here!! So heres what im working on, still work in progress and i plan to finish it by this week. I wish I had a robot me so i can work on my short full time and the robot work on my finals. it will all be over soon.

This is a sketch dump I did while meditating ( When i say meditate I actually mean sitting in the crapper) their for 2 scenes where you can see one in the top that im almost done with, and the other one is of Zero saving a kid from two hungry maggot monsters.

Asian_ Tony is a beast. I asked him to give me a few sketches and he came back with over 15 pages of designs...kind of reminds me of me. The top two in the top are part of the sea creatures mafia, and the colorful fellas are alien designs and color keys for them, and that Thai Hooker looking thing is the Zombie Tony.

This is Tony M's Zombie version. He's been slaving away with desigs too, which ill post up later.He really looks like that too.

AHh, yes almost forgot Nic Parris...J/k buddy, this guy here is one talented mofo, I really dig his style and his designs are to my likings, just check out his zombie version of himself. Nice! he's done an awesome job and ill post the rest of his stuff soon.

HEres a Zombie sketch of Emery. I redisgned her Zombie to match the rest of the charcters. Shes suppose to be a school girl... i think...or sailer moon i dont know.

thats it for now kiddos, gotta do some work so i wont fail.



bboyanime said...

hey man! change my stuff! haha! my new zombie is much better...

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